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~ Saving those not bought at Auction ~

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Peace for Ponies is an EarthLodge 501c3 non-profit project assisting Miniature Horses and Small Ponies who are desperately in need of being rescued. We will be purchasing these beautiful Souls from the Auction Houses and then supporting their healing while fostering until they are ready for their forever homes. Some will become Therapy Ponies, others will be trained to drive while others will make great children's pets.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to link to the Peace for Ponies MareWatchers Web Cam.

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Many of these Miniature Horses and Ponies were someone's pet and
due to the economy are now at an auction being sold for meat prices.
EarthLodge's Peace For Ponies Project is designed to locate, rescue, transport and
rehab up to two mini's at a time and find them new forever homes.
Our volunteers and their communities have stepped up, offering Movie Nights,
creating amazing Healing Salves, baking doggie cookies and
attending events to fund raise and help share the Peace for Ponies Story.
Together, we raised over $6,000 to build the new barn & paddock.
Divinely, just after hurricane Sandy, the barn was completed and our first mini was found
and rescued when she was not sold at auction.
Those who are not sold at auction as pets are sold to the meat buyers.
Precious arrived in November.
We were excited to learn she was pregnant and her rehabilitation began at once.
Many practioners, traditional & holistic, came together to help her overcome the trauma
of being separated from her herd, dropped off at the auction, housed in a barn that lost part of its roof
during the NJ hurricane and finally being trucked to New England.
She is healthier and learning to trust again.
We recently welcomed Precious' new foal ~ Destiny.
He is amazing and we know you will love watching them both on our Mare Cam.
The link is at the bottom of this page.
Because Precious was so severely abused, she really needs her feet & teeth done.
Now that she's given birth, we can make the appointments she needs with the farrier & the vet.
She will be sedated to have her hooves trimmed and
her teeth will be floated at the same time.  

Many have joined together in service for these mini's and an amazing community is forming. 
Fund-raising continues to help cover their vet bills, the farrier, hay, feed & straw.
In a few months, Destiny will need to be gelded so he can go to a 4-H barn and
be with all the kids until he is ready to go to his forever home. And when he does,
we know that, with everyone's help, we'll have the funds available to bring up another mare.
Our current goal is to rescue at least two pregnant mini's per year.
Our goal eventually is to do more, but that requires additional funding, 
more volunteers and the birthing of the Peace for Animals project.
Check out some of our volunteers' services and products
offered for your donation at the following pages on
Donations that Support the Ponies and Product Information. 


Click here to visit the Mare Cam.

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